Korean Journalist
지은이 : Kim Young-su
책정보 : 368면 / 국판 / 2016-01-18
가   격 : 15,000 원
분   류 : 비소설 > 기타
ISBN : 9788933870679
Korea in Turbulent Years,
And The Man Who Wrote Front Page Stories

When South Korea was going through its turbulent years, one journalist stood out more than any other; his name was Kim Young-Su.
He made stops at three most representative newspaper companies in Korea, collectively so-called Cho-Joong-Dong, before he became a report bureau chief of MBC where he reported on the most fluctuating times in the modern history of Korea.
[Korean Journalist] resonated with readers who were curious about what happened behind the scenes throughout modern times of Korea.

The Events Were His Life!
Korea’s Modern History through the Eyes of a Journalist

[Korean Journalist] is filled with vivid recounts of memorable events that marked modern history, inviting readers to observe the past through the eyes of the experienced journalist.
Transcending time and space, his stories will engage readers in the past events from Presidents Rhee Syngman to Park Chung-hee, and from Defense Security Command to Panmunjeom to Vietnam.
MBC''''''''''''''''s exclusive coverage of the assassination of the First Lady Yuk Young-Su, in particular, captured such a breathtaking moment that still echoes down to this day.

"Did Kim Young-Su say ''''''''''''''''Yes''''''''''''''''? If he is in, I am in."
- An Inspirational Life Story of a Journalist

When the newly established Joongang Daily was seeking to bring in new journalists, the first question to be asked was this: "Did Kim Young-Su say ''''''''''''''''Yes''''''''''''''''? If he is in, I am in."
Around that time, people could recognize his news articles simply by the first letter of his name, Young, appearing on the page.
Most importantly, along with his faithful nature and good-fellowship, his undying spirit in which he held up a recorder even in the face of death makes him a role model and inspiration to every journalist of our time.